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Oil painting alla prima




2-3 days

O kurze

Alla Prima Oil Painting Portraiture is a workshop intended for painting enthusiasts with a basic understanding and experience in oil painting who wish to improve their ability to paint a realistic Alla Prima portrait using traditional techniques based on the works of great past artists such as Rembrandt, Velasquez, Zorn, and Sargent.

Workshop objectives:

  • Painting a realistic portrait Alla prima while emphasizing elements such as color, shape, texture, values, edges, rhythm and composition.

  • Refining the ability to observe and understand the color palette.

  • Understanding and practicing traditional oil painting techniques.

  • Understanding various Alla Prima techniques.

  • Observation and in-depth analysis of paintings by great past artists.

  • Close guidance tailored to each participant.


*The course is mainly intended for intermediate and advanced painters with some knowledge and experience in oil painting.

*The course will be held in English even though Yozez speaks and understands Slovak language as well.

Your daily schedule follows these themes:

  • Introduction and presentation of the workshop topics and goals

  • Technical and stylistic analysis of a masterpiece

  • Demonstration of portrait painting by Menachem

  • Painting session closely guided by Menachem

Lunch and coffe breaks are scheduled by your Instructor as the necessity appears.

Váš inštruktor

Menachem Edelman-Landau

Menachem Edelman-Landau

Menachem Edelman-Landau (artistic nickname: Yozez) was born in Jerusalem in 1982.
He studied cinema in Israel and worked in the Israeli film industry for several years. In 2016 he started traveling for 3 years all over Europe and painted murals and portraits for a living.

Lives in Banská Štiavnica since 2020. Today he is a professional portrait painter and painting teacher.

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